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Tired of running to get to your favorite activities?

Do you find that your children spend too much time watching TV or at the computer?


Come and shop at Place Versailles shopping center while your spouse (s) / child (ren) take over their music and / or dance with us. Join hundreds of families that save valuable time each month in enrolling their children in classes of music and / or dance at Place Versailles. Call us now and you will see that we can help you save time.


Through the teaching of our qualified and dynamic teachers, you'll finally have the chance to develop your artistic potential at its highest level. Our team including professional musicians and dancers will do anything to help you or your child, offering a sustained and customized training and that, in the style of music you prefer. If you hesitate, come at least take a trial lesson!


Music & Arts

The most dynamic school of music and dance of Greater eastern Montreal

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