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Adults can start any dance form at any age.  Their success is based on how willing an adult is to commit to attending class consistently.

For children, starting at the right age is a key element to the success of their lessons.  Some people will tell you “the sooner the better” but this attitude can actually backfire and be a negative.  If a child is put into dance class too soon they may feel overwhelmed and frustrated and want to stop attending.  The last thing you want to do is turn a child off to dance just because they had one unpleasant experience which could have been prevented.  Sometimes if the child waits a year to start lessons their progress can be much faster.  Children who are older than the suggested earliest starting age usually do very well.  The following are guidelines we have found to be successful in determining how young a child can start taking dance lessons.

3-6 Year Old
If a pre-schooler has a keen desire and wants to start dance lessons, a group format gives them a good foundation.  They must be “potty trained” and  secure enough to say “good bye” to mommy for 1 hour without anxiety.  Our 1 hour ballet class is excellent for building their musicality, poise, coordination and rhythm skills.  A 1 hour class once a week is more than sufficient to keep dancing fun, enjoyable and beneficial until age 7.
7-Years & Older
At Musique & Arts, students 7 years and older are ready to participate in 1 hour classes of each discipline.  Our program is skill level based so that all students are challenged but not intimidated.  It is never a contest.  We encourage all students to reach their full potential.  If we feel a student is stagnated, we will place them in a faster pace class.  Performance skills as well as proper technique are our primary goals.  Students beginning at the age  7 have a full curriculum open to them including ballet, jazz, hip hop.
We consider students for Hip-hop training at the age of 12.  This is the highest form of dance training and requires a pre-requisite of 5-7 years of classical technique training.

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