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The Teachers:

Our teachers are University graduates and/or professionals of the Quebec and International music scenes. Some of them have even won the prestigeous Felix prizes and others are judges at some of the numerous musical festivals in the Province of Quebec such as the Festival International de la Chanson de Granby.

Musique & Arts has very high standards and only work with the very best teachers, mentors and professionals of the music fields.

The vast experience of our teachers in the music industry will not only help you master an instrument, but they can also assist you gain access to the industry by teaching you:

-    The rudiments of negociating a contract
-    The art of dressing for the occasion
-    Everything you need to know as far as musical etiquette
-    The art of networking
-    Everything you need to know on the various associations you must join in order to “make it”
-    Having the right attitude
-    Which “path” to choose
-    Stage techniques

Our teachers will also be able to help you with:

-    Preparing for an audition, whether to become part of a band or to be accepted for a collegial or University program.
-    What to say during an audition
-    Prepare you towards your participation at one of the various musical festivals such as: Granby, St-Ambroise, Petite Vallée, Ma Première Place des Arts, etc.

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